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"I have always found Matt to be 100% on task when working with me and an asset to the camera department.

He has the ability to deal with the immediate needs of the team as well as thinking ahead to what might be required in the upcoming shots. He is definitely a ‘do-er’ and will always either complete a request or find somebody with the relevant skills who can help him find a solution, the end result being that I can be assured that if he agrees to a task, it will be done."

Alex Metcalfe, Director of Photography

Matt Deeley, London & Edinburgh Focus Puller, 1st Camera Assistant


"Matt has always been totally committed to all of the productions he has worked on for me. He combines his technical expertise with a flexible and friendly attitude and is a welcome addition to any team."

Denise Lesley, Production Manager, The South Bank Show

Matt Deeley, London & Edinburgh Focus Puller, 1st Camera Assistant

"Matt was excellent on Deadly Intent. He was an integral part of the team and was both efficient and professional. Despite working under difficult conditions he always positive and his likeable personality made him popular with the rest of the crew."

Mike Higgins, 1st AD

"Matt has worked for me as an assistant and as a camera operator on a number of occasions. He is thorough, imaginative and technically superb. Problems don't seem to occur when Matt's on the crew - at least they don't reach me."
Mike Raggett, Director, M.R. Production Limited

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